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Shoe Ins is a small, owner-operated company in Columbus, Ohio.  Our products are proudly handmade in the USA.  If you need something special, please let us know, Contact Us.  We're always interested in meeting your needs.

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I began my painting business in the spring of 2004. Immediately I felt the pride of doing a job well, and the pressures of not messing anything up. Whether it be putting gouges in walls I was not painting while carrying in a ladder, or tipping over a curio case when sliding it across the floor, to simply not muddying up the floor with my boots.

On one of my earliest jobs I did just that. It had been raining all week long; I came into the house and absentmindedly trailed off the drop cloth while going up the stairs that were covered with a very nice cream-colored carpet. The homeowner noticed before I did and asked if I would clean it up. I was embarrassed and spent the next half hour scrubbing the carpet with wet cloths, hoping that the mud did not stain. After it was cleaned I tried to overcompensate by offering to pay for any carpet cleaning that would be needed should the homeowner not be satisfied.  While they did not ask for a carpet cleaner, they also did not hire me again. It was an embarrassing event early in my career that may have been costly as well.

I still paint and enjoy the fresh air in early summer, especially when I think back to the claustrophobia of an office. I enjoy meeting new people and the challenges that come with each job. However, one challenge I don't miss since coming up with Shoe Ins is looking a client in the eye while they point out a muddy footprint on their otherwise clean floor.
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Christopher Kania
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