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Shoe In shoe and boot covers offers long-lasting durable nylon uppers and a strong elastic band for a secure fit.  Guaranteed.  Our shoe and boot covers are designed for contractors and homeowners alike:  anyone who is concerned with keeping indoor floors free of damage and scuff marks as well as dirt, debris, chemicals and other unsanitary materials that are tracked in on the soles of footwear.
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The product is great - fit on my cast perfectly and stayed on well. Having a cast, and even just resting on it everywhere (parking garages, bathroom floors, grass, etc...) I did not like the idea of then going to bed at night knowing where the cast has been. This product allowed me to keep my cast covered when I was in these areas so that I could keep it clean. I also believe that it has helped preserve the condition of the cast. The fiber of the cast would often get snagged on carpet. This prevented that from happening also. It is really really helpful on rainy days so that the cast can stay dry, which is really important. It also provided protection for my toes which would be helpful in cold months.

I think there would be a really good market for this product with companies involved in medical supplies or even Orthopedic practices.
Clean Shoe Cover Solutions
Clean Shoe Cover Solutions
Reusable Shoe Cover • Washable Shoe Cover • Non-disposable Shoe Cover. Designed and Assembled in Columbus, Ohio, USA
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Durable and Washable Shoe and Boot Covers 
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Protect their floors.
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Washable Reusable Shoe Covers
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Protect their floors.
Protect your reputation.
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Our Shoe In shoe and boot covers are made with non-slip soles.  The durable nylon uppers and strong elastic band guarantee a secure fit.

Shoe In shoe covers can be washed in cold water and allowed to drip dry for long lasting wear.
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